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    Drawing version and Revision introduction.


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    Drawing version and Revision introduction. Empty Drawing version and Revision introduction.

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    I have been drawing the locomotives for a few years. In this period, a lot of improvements have been made to the drawings in order to make it more realistic. For me, I would call the drawing style of a certain period as a "Drawing version". I hope you know what I am talking.

    ------| Drawing version 5 ( Era: Aug 19,2010 - Now )

    The version 5 drawing is nothing new but a weathered version 4 drawing. There aren't any inprovements specifically did on version 5 drawings since it is based on version 4 drawings. Since the weathering process needs quite a lot of time and is still relatively difficult to do well, therefore version 5 drawing will just be a plus to version 4 drawings but not the main stream of my future drawings.

    First completed on Aug 19, 2010, EMD MP15AC UPY 1468 is the first version 5 drawing.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. MP15AC_UPY%201486

    ------| EMD low nose unit number board length correction ( Era: May 31,2010 - Now )

    This is also part of the improvement in version 4 drawing. All EMD low hood locomotive drawings finished on or after May 31,2010 will have a more accruate length of number board which is 1 px shorter than the old drawings and now the length is same as the long hood angled area in side view. This correction project will be mixed with the previous correction project.

    EMD GP38-2 BNSF 2043 is the first drawing finished with correct length of number board. It is finished on May 31,2010.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. GP38_2_BNSF%202043

    ------| EMD hood side doors correction ( Era: Sep 07,2009 - Now )

    This could be part of the improvement in version 4 drawing. All EMD locomotive drawings finished on or after Sep,07,2009 will have revised hood side doors which the top of the doors will attached to the dynamic brake or the radiator grillwork instead of what I drew in the past that lower the doors for 2 pixel from the grillworks. The walkway at the conductor side will also rised for 1 pixel.

    EMD SD40-2R BNSF 7950 is the first drawing finished with new hood doors arrangement. It is finished on Sep,07,2009.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. SD40-2R_BNSF%207950-1

    ------| Drawing version 4 ( Era: Jun 12,2009 - Now )

    New Version 4 drawing released after 3 years of continously improvement of version 3. Version 4 drawings are based on version 3's, with locomotive detail parts improved, such as coupler lift bar, see-through grills, cab windows and steps (Not in early version 4 drawings). In this version, 3 groups of color are used in one drawings. 1 group is the color set for normal surface on locomotive side, they are same as the color set used in version 3 drawings. The other 2 are the color set for the in-lit and back-lit locomotive angled surface such as hood end and cab side roof. New color groups introduced because Version 4 drawings can fit the newly started Locomotive-Front drawings.

    Locomotive-Front drawing may not popularize before the old version 3 drawings upgrade to Drawing version 4.

    The first Version 4 drawing EMD SD40-2 MILW 3039 is finished on Jun,12,2009.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. Sd4021amilw3039display

    ------| EMD SD40-2, SD40T-2, SD45T-2, SD60, SD60M length correction project ( Era: Dec 10,2008 - Now )

    The length correction project involved all locomotive drawings finished before Dec,10,2008 from the EMD SD40-2, SD40T-2, SD45T-2, SD60 and SD60M series. As seen from the project name, this project aims to correct the length of those locomotive drawings. Overall correction is to shorten the locomotive for 4 pixel, from the engine doors, oil tanks, handrails and other facitlies. Beside correcting the length, there are also other improvements, such as SD60 and SD60M series see-through dynamic brake grillwork, also called the trial products of version 4 drawings. Locomotives which not yet corrected before Jun,12,2009 will be directly upgrade to Drawing version 4.

    The newly finished drawings in correct length are 6 EMD SD50S. The first corrected length drawing from the project is EMD SD40-2 UP 3178. It is finished on Dec,10,2008. The last drawing being corrected before the introduction of Drawing version 4 is also an EMD SD40-2, but with SD45T-2 frame. It is NREX 9402, corrected on May, 16, 2009, together with 3 more B&O EMD SD40-2s.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. Sd402211Drawing version and Revision introduction. Sd45t2nrex9402rightredr

    ------| Drawing version 3 ( Era: Oct 18,2006 - Jun 10,2009 )

    Version 3 drawings is the detailed version of version 2 drawings. Drawings are detailed with air and M.U. hoses, detailed truck frames, oil tanks, snowplows and cab roof facilities. In painting part, I continue to use the painting style of version 2 drawings, that is painting with soft edges and 3D effects on air and oil tank, radiator fans and other smoothly curved surfaces. More accurate and realistic detail parts and painting skill can be found on some late version 3 drawings.

    The first three painted version 3 drawing are finished on Oct,19,2006. They are EMD SD40-2 BNSF 7184, 7185, and 7140. The EMD SD40-2 series is the first series of version 3 drawings. Other locomotive series drawings in Drawing version 1 and 2 have been updated to Drawing version 3. The last version 3 drawings finished before the introduction of version 4 drawings are 4 by-request EMD SD9 Southern Pacific locomotives. They are finished on Jun,10,2009 and they also have the improved locomotive detail parts.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. 2abbnsfh37140Drawing version and Revision introduction. Sd92sp3872right

    ------| Drawing version 2 ( Era: Jun 18,2006 - Sep 17,2006 )

    Drawing version 2, also called EMD SD70ACe and SD70M-2 redraw project, is the development process of improving the simple and wrong scale drawing to detailed and nicely painted drawing, therefore detail parts such as air and M.U. hoses also cannot be found in this version. However the locomotive-right-side drawing was introduced. In painting part, I gave up using black line to draw the edges instead of using a deeper color of the non-edges area. Simple 3D effects, like shadows, are added to drawings. White color of the locomotive body was also changed from RGB 255,255,255. to RGB 250,250,250. in which the locomotive body would not become transparent when people paste the drawings on their own background.

    The first version 2 drawing is finished on Jun,18,2006 from the EMD SD70ACe redraw project. It is EMD SD70ACe BNSF 9371. After the EMD SD70ACe redraw project ended on Jul,04,2006, there are few EMD G16 locomotives finished in Drawing version 2. On Sep,06,2006, I started redrawing the EMD SD70M-2 drawings to Drawing version 2. This project ended on Sep,13,2006 and the last version 2 drawings are finished on Sep,17,2006. They are EMD SD70M-2 CITX 140 and 142.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. Sd70acebnsf9371rebuilthg1Drawing version and Revision introduction. Sd70m2citx140jr5

    ------| Drawing version 1 ( Era: Jan 07,2006 - Jun 18,2006 )

    This is the earliest version of my drawings. Those drawings are very simple and not in correct scale or colors. Detail parts such as air and M.U. hoses cannot be found in this version. They do not have any 3D effects, like shadows, for smooth surfaces. Beside, a solid black line in RGB 0,0,0. color is used to represent the edges and it makes the drawings look flat and dark. All these black lines were changed from RGB 0,0,0. to RGB 5,5,5. in April,2006. The white color used in version 1 drawings is RGB 255,255,255. and it is the same as the background color. If people want to paste the drawings on their own background, then the white parts of the locomotive body will also become transparent.

    The first version 1 drawing from my record is finished on Jan,07,2006. It is GE C36-7 UP 9001. The GE C36-7 series drawing has never uploaded on to my drawing websites because they are not in correct scale. The last version 1 drawing is EMD SD70ACe FXE 4002. It is finished on Jun,18,2006, when the other SD70ACe drawings are being updating to Drawing version 2.
    Drawing version and Revision introduction. C3672upDrawing version and Revision introduction. Sd70acefxe4002hr6


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